American Steering..

‘I say, your engine’s nice and tight,’ says Surfy Steve. ‘And the steering is sensitive too…but that might just be the used tissue on the drive axle. Did you leave that there on purpose as a talking point?’   I glance over at this pie-faced young perisher in the driving seat and groan inwardly. This … Read more

A Balkan Beauty (Part Two)..

Half of the attraction is the chase – at least, from the man’s point of view. The uncertainty of whether a woman will melt into his embrace is an adrenalin-pumping rollercoaster. Isn’t this a little unfair, though? A woman simply needs to turn up naked with a beer…and the deal is sealed. Well, that’s oversimplifying, … Read more

A Balkan Beauty (Part One)..

(A little something I wrote in 2009) I’ve always liked travel. Come to think of it, I’ve always liked women, too. I happen to be in Zagreb, Croatia…and the ravishing Ivana is my city guide. The situation could hardly be improved: the city is beguiling, and Ivana’s sleeveless red frock swirls tastefully, tantalisingly around her … Read more