Scribbling away with Big thoughts.

Being the written thoughts of travels with Rock ‘n’ Roll tours, exploring Europe and the world through the mediums of bars and women, oh and maybe some other stuff, food, trombone playing, home in Sussex and moving to pastures new.

Earn Easy Voiceover Money

Let’s talk business. The voiceover business, to be specific. It’s taken a lot of work, but I’m now able to offer my voiceover services:

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Annoying the French..

‘France would be lovely if it weren’t for the French.’ How many times have you heard that? Much as it’s every Englishman’s duty to urinate

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#24hours7cities? At 12.25pm tomorrow (UK time), I’ll attempt to smash the current Guinness World Record for Visiting Most Number of Capital Cities. The record stands

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Airport Craziness..

‘Moving sidewalk ends. Prepare to step off,’ read the sign in Nashville airport the other day. Well, I wondered who that sign would benefit. Somebody

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“Barnaby’s thoughtful musings on his voyage through life. You are not alone as you travel that valley my son.”

Father Pius Smith, Hastings.