Scribbling away with Big thoughts.

The written thoughts of a traveller.

Touring with Rock ‘n’ Roll bands; exploring Europe and the world; flirting in bars… and some naughtiness.

Oh, and all with a trombone. Enjoy.. 

Earn Easy Voiceover Money

Let’s talk business. The voiceover business, to be specific. It’s taken a lot of work, but I’m now able to offer my voiceover services:

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Annoying the French..

‘France would be lovely if it weren’t for the French.’ How many times have you heard that? Much as it’s every Englishman’s duty to urinate

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#24hours7cities? At 12.25pm tomorrow (UK time), I’ll attempt to smash the current Guinness World Record for Visiting Most Number of Capital Cities. The record stands

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Airport Craziness..

‘Moving sidewalk ends. Prepare to step off,’ read the sign in Nashville airport the other day. Well, I wondered who that sign would benefit. Somebody

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“Barnaby’s thoughtful musings on his voyage through life. You are not alone as you travel that valley my son.”

Father Pius Smith, Hastings.