Namibian’s Paragraph..

Namibian has conjured up a little jewel recently – literary flair is simply thriving on tour.

Between extended periods of gnawing on his knuckles, polishing his curved horns and fangs.. Oh sorry, I got carried away there – his tail doesn’t, in fact, thrash like a wild scorpion. Namibian doesn’t even have a tail.

Anyway, in the lead-up to his anecdotal blog entry, I’ll just casually mention that I have easily accessible photos of him shirtless and sexy in the heat of last summer.

I’m sure he’d hate these saucy stills to be exhibited on the blog, so I’ll just leave the threat hanging in case he really is planning to take up the metaphorical cudgels – and run me through like a blackguard – in his entry. As promised then, I hand over the baton to that indefatigable of characters, the Namibian:

Will Hi there all u Blog Readers; I the Namibian has been asked to do a blog; well time to take the ppp, Only 1 thing comes up as Barny is always taking the P out of me,, this one beets them all.. Most of Europe on the hiways U have

to pay to use the loo,only cost 50 cent,,now Barny dont want to pay this he is a tight arcs,one day in Italy he was doing a wee next to his truck as the a female cop drove past ,,mmm cant tell u what she said, Anyway he was given a 25 ERO fine, we wer parked on a no parking zone he got 70 for that i didn’t,so that cost 200 trips to the loo,ha he calles me lazy,the loo was 100 meters away.

Me again: it seems I’ve escaped lightly, for now at least. We’ll let bygones be bygones, I think, but I do like a little churlishness: I seem to have included a snap of my South African pal (taken only yards from a Spanish toilet) instead of me. Honestly, talk about hypocrisy, Namibian..