Namibian the Navigator. His short sequel..

Namibian has put paw to paper once more. If anybody can make sense from his sequel then – frankly – I doff my hat. Here is his inimitable contribution:

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Hi to all blogers,,Namibian is back on open air gigs mmmm,,After having a few days
at home to get homework up to date out again for 3 and a half months. Now would like
to tell about how I get about in Europe,, Barny has been a good teacher as it was he that got
me in to touring and loving it,,
As im not the youngest driver on tour but am the rook y of the tour,, The drivers have 8 to 30 years experience between them they are all great to talk to and have amassing story”s if U asked
them anything U need to know they are never to busy to help. I follow Barny 99% of the time as our truck speed is different,,but;;;a big but,,He makes me plan the rout find the address for the gig and sort all what is needed,,I spend a lot of time getting the directions,,write
it down,take to him for approval if wrong he will say no find a better rout, then sometimes when iv spent 3hrs.s. getting it sorted already to leave ,,he will come on the tesco radio ;;OK LOVE IV CHANGED MY MIND WE GO A DIFERENT WAY THAN WHAT I PLAND,GRRRRRR
then Im f*%$£+as iv no idea which way,,I tell after U spending a time with auto route,Saturn ,maps,and go ogle earth Im lost then,, its all good fun in the end..
Hope U all have a lovely summer Namibian………….