I’ll make you a deal..

I’m a wally sometimes, you know. Having embarked on another project for which I need votes, it has only just occurred to me to use the blog to advertise. Honestly, anyone would think it was I that was dropped on my head as a child, not Crazy Sandra.


Speaking of which, she has written – in conjunction with her chum Patricia – some dross entitled “the two-bird blog”. If you like Metallica, I’m sure it’s marvellous. If you don’t, you may stare glassily ahead and wonder what I’m playing at by publishing it. What should I do? Yes OK, I’ll bin it.

To the nitty gritty, then. As you all know, the Queensland job went sour. It would have involved watching me on video, too, so maybe it is just as well. It’s a minor setback – a A$150,000 setback, admittedly – but the important thing is to move on. Draw a line under it, as bent politicians would say, having been caught with their pants down.

So, what’s the next hare-brained scheme? Well, I’ve applied to be Official Quark Blogger on an Antarctica voyage. This job has my name stamped all over it. But I need votes – loads of them. So I’ll make you a deal.

If you not only vote but also send the link to your email contacts, and Facebook cronies, I shall post a picture of a debonair Namibian with his shirt off, the epitome of sophistication. A bony silhouette, stark against the twilight.. Deal?

If you’d be so kind, please copy and paste the following into your address bar. Scroll a fair way down the page then vote, vote, vote. And spread the word! Ta..