Earn Easy Voiceover Money

dsc_9008-editLet’s talk business. The voiceover business, to be specific.

It’s taken a lot of work, but I’m now able to offer my voiceover services: voiceoverartist.co.uk. But this isn’t all about self-promotion. What’s in it for you?

Money, that’s what. And easy money at that.

Voiceover Artist

As an introductory offer, until next Friday – that’s July 29th – here’s the deal:

  • Do you need a voiceover recorded? If not, scroll down. If yes, I’m offering to record it for you – almost regardless of project size – for £100. That’s an unbelievable deal. It saves cash for that summer holiday. Kids aren’t cheap, I notice.


  • Do you know somebody who needs a voiceover? Examples of voiceovers could include audio guides, explainer videos, or company voicemails, to name but a few. If you refer somebody and he/she gets in touch before midnight on July 29th, I’ll split the £100 fee with you.

That’s right. As a way of saying thank you for the referral, I will split the fee with you – 50/50. Ensure your friend/colleague/acquaintance mentions your name when contacting me, and when I get paid, you get paid. That’s £50 in your pocket for a simple referral.rod-lucas-studio

And let me be clear. This is an even better deal than it seems. The project doesn’t have to be actually voiced by July 29th; I simply have to be contacted by that date. And if you’re outside the UK, we can work in your currency. info@voiceoverartist.co.uk is the email to use.

Voiceover Work

While that percolates, let me give you some backstory.

A while back, I was asked to record a voiceover for Oracle PeopleSoft. Easy, right? A fleeting acquaintance with English, a microphone off Ebay, and anybody can be a voiceover artist?

No. Working on voiceovers is a profession. It requires time and effort; you don’t just ‘break in’. For example, how many different ways could you say the sentence, ‘I didn’t say you spilt wine on my new carpet.’ A few weeks ago, I watched talented voice coach David Bourgeois say it ten different ways, changing the word emphasis each time.

If you’re interested in becoming a voiceover artist, there is plenty of information out there on the net, from hardware to tuition to vocal hygiene. Right now, I’m just saving you some money or putting some in your pocket.

Friday 29th is the deadline to be in touch. Have a great weekend..

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