Antarctica Prize Draw.. ought to be renamed. Unfortunately, the whole competition seems to be less about blogging than marketing – it’s simply about votes.

In fact, it may just as well be called for all it has to do with reporting on events. So I’ve joined the capitalist scramble to the summit, and created a website. Well, I say I’ve created it, but of course I got a man to do it – more on that later.

Oh, I abhor marketing. Really what I want is to mention something once, you all do it, then we can get on with flippant accounts of European touring. But no, I have to waste a whole blog harping on about me. So, before you get any more saucy stuff, I now have to promote myself. I’d rather not…

…but not many of you voted for me at, did you? Well, you’re rotters. For those that did, thank you. For those that didn’t, it’s not too late. In fact, now is the perfect time; the campaign is now ramping up nicely.

Win A Free Ticket To Antarctica

The promise of a shirtless Namibian – in return for votes – perhaps made your blood run cold. Well, scrap that then. I’ve come up with something else entirely: a prize draw for the second Antarctica ticket, worth $10,000. You’ll have to accompany me, though, I’m afraid.

Please, please, please, then: check out and vote. Forward the site to EVERYBODY you know and I shall forgive you all for so few comments on this blog. Whether you are pathologically shy, or not, this should be no great hardship. Just think of the man hours I’ve spent entertaining you with drivel, and then think of karma.

If you don’t fancy Antarctica, vote and join the campaign anyway and give the ticket (if you win) to anybody you like. The ticket is  transferable!