A Toastmasters Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, here’s a six-minute spooky speech I delivered last night at a Toastmasters meeting. (Yes, that’s really me, dressed as a ‘skellington’.) Imagine dramatic pauses and gestures, vocal variety and scary (ish) facial expressions. Tale Number Three will have you reaching for the smelling salts; it’s a true story… “Mr Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters, … Read more

Remembering Lou Reed

Lou Reed died yesterday. As I was lucky enough to work on the Berlin Tour – in the summers of both 2007 and 2008 – I’d like to relive some of the happy memories and pay my respects. ‘We were in a cafe, you could hear the guitars play. It was very nice. It was paradise.’ … Read more

Slayer Play Finland…

What a tour schedule! A Slayer show in Oulu (northern Finland); the next night in Oslo; the next in Derbyshire, UK. Now for all you Americans that “do” Europe in a weekend, pay attention. These are huge distances and there is water in between. Doable by road? Nope. Even a Porsche would be snookered, let … Read more