A Danish Close Shave…

My brain wouldn’t work. Why was this lady kneeling in the corridor, flapping her hands? Was she having an epileptic fit? ‘Dunno,’ answered my brain, still sulking at being disturbed from a jolly dream about boats. ‘It’s 1am, I’ve been awake only half an hour and you haven’t made me a cup of tea yet.’ … Read more

Dutch Royal Saan Looking for Assistant Lead Driver NOW

  Position Title: Assistant Lead Driver Arena Show  Location: European continent Date Posted: October 18th, 2012   Employer: Koninklijke Saan.  Koninklijke Saan (Royal Saan) is a Dutch logistics service provider with the head-office near Amsterdam. With their business unit Event Logistics, Royal Saan build a strong partnership with several clients over the last decade. Royal … Read more

Tattoos: What do you Think?

Behind a squat, ugly dog – all muscle and jowls – strode its owner. This was to be Rambo’s tattooist, recommended by a Copenhagen barman the night before. A key was turned, we entered a dingy affair near Parken stadium and Rambo rolled up his trouser legs.   Thigh-high Skull Tattoos   Besmirching of the skin? … Read more