The Eiger’s North Face..

She’s a big thing, whitish at the top. And, at more than 3,400 metres, one could argue that the Eiger is difficult to miss. Yet our driver, convinced that simply aiming in its general direction was a cunning precept, sat irresolute and harassed at a junction in Interlaken. ‘You know where it said “Buses Only” … Read more

Internet Dating Gone Mad..

The other evening I received a text message from a pal. It read: ‘Been on The lecturer from Putney is gonna get my knob asap.’ Well, I was touched at his evident warmth for this girl, a creature that he would no doubt run a mile in tight shoes for. In fact, wanting to … Read more

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff..

‘Nowadays the feeding has become a nightly spectacle,’ I had read in the Lonely Planet Brazil guide. All I had to do was reach the Santuário do Caraça. The staff spoke no English when I arrived, and all the literature was in Portuguese. But I somehow gleaned that the fabled tray of food would be … Read more

Speaking Italian..

They’re a prickly lot, the Italians – like human fumaroles, their lava dormant until the opportunity of a dispute. I mean, take a piffling molehill of an issue, add two Italians and a pinch of balmy weather, and watch the sparks fly. Shaken fists and waspish expressions soon crescendo through beetling eyebrows, unquenchable scuttling and … Read more

Flatulence, Beans and Baking Soda..

How long have you got? If you’ve dropped by for only thirty seconds or so, shirking Excel spreadsheets or whatever it is that people who work for a living do at desks, then you may as well biff off again and come back later. This is a guest blog of epic proportions. Coming in at … Read more