Fat Paul Fades Away..

‘Got any pies?’ asked Fat Paul, optimistically. ‘I’m starving.’ His prodigious dimensions suggested that starvation was, in fact, far from imminent, yet I rallied to this desperate cry for provisions, searching high and low in the truck’s fridge. I eventually produced a delicious fruit selection. Fat Paul’s face, a mask of wan discomfort, bore an … Read more

Amphibians, Lunchboxes, Heavy Plant and “Dusky”..

Drum roll please. That human blot Eunuch, his brain like a buzz-saw, has typed up a guest blog. And, perhaps foolishly, I’ve agreed to publish it unabridged. Few people so far have managed such an undertaking  – Dad, Big Don, Wrecker, Namibian and Surfy Steve being notable exceptions – yet the winsome Eunuch has not … Read more

‘Onesty and Opera..

I’m being ridiculed. What for? Well, for mentioning that I thought Morgan Freeman was sex on legs in the movie Along Came a Spider. What’s worse, though, is that the man passing judgement is my pal Eunuch, a chap who admits to finding it ergonomically impractical to wear one’s girlfriend’s knickers. ‘You’ll always call me … Read more