Munich’s Rock Museum..

Ever been to Munich’s Olympia Park? Built for the 1972 games, it has a multitude of attractions.   Adrenalin-junkies can abseil forty metres down the stadium pylons, or take an ‘expedition on the roof’, climbing to the very top of the Olympic Stadium. And footie fans can take an ‘exciting’ tour of the stadium – … Read more

Career Change?..

My lunch partner in Copenhagen is American Rob. He’s a fascinating chap, now living in the Windsor area, and full of bonhomie today. We meet romantically on a street corner in a drizzling rain. Our jackets and umbrellas form puddles at the restaurant entrance – it’s a super eatery above the old telegraph station – … Read more

Still sorting out blogs from ’09!

In case you think I’m being lazy, I’m still busy importing all my old blogs onto this site. There are now plenty of “recent” entries for the AC/DC Black Ice Tour – such as the one below. Scroll back through the archives for more you haven’t yet read..   (17th June ‘09:) We’re having a … Read more

Good old Dad..

Hello, Barnaby’s father here.. I’d just like to apologise to you on his behalf for the stream of insufferably arrogant drivel that he writes in this journal. It all comes from his mother’s side of the family, of course. Real men’s talk of big lorries, friends, rock n roll and women all comes from his … Read more

Wine, women…

Opposite me, reposed on a bentwood chair, is “Eunuch”. And he’s eyeing up my bowl of pitted olives. ‘I’ll give you a little tip,’ he says. ‘What you do is put this butter packet between your hands and then…’ He breaks off, cupidity gripping him as an olive-skinned girl strolls past the window, heading to … Read more