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Apparently I share my birthday – May 25th – with Towel Day. Don’t ask, just check out the link. This is me stalling for time, by the way.  I haven’t got round to writing up the adventures in the Balkans on the AC/DC Tour yet…but they are coming. Oh yeah, they are coming.

AC/DC 2010 – European Leg..

For those of you who ploughed through last year’s exploits, welcome back to the AC/DC Black Ice Tour. For new recruits: beware! Language may be a little colourful, and I don’t tend to pander to the politically correct. For newer readers, you might as well know straight off the bat that there will be nothing … Read more

Sri Lanka: In Search of the Perfect Cup of Tea

“What goodness Zesta?” asks my perfectly-postured waiter. He beams, almost imperceptibly shakes his head, and hovers unnecessarily at my breakfast table. Beneath a high-ceilinged veranda, the conversation has reached a stalemate. A light breeze blows as I sip the finest cup of tea I’ve tasted so far in Sri Lanka, and I look at my … Read more

Trainspotting: Sri Lankan-Style

“The train officially leaves at 10.30 a.m., but it will be late.” Nimal, the manager of Wathsala River View Inn in Dalhousie, beams knowledgeably. “It is always late,” he adds. In the background, Adam’s Peak, an important pilgrimage site, looms imposingly at 7,360 feet. The air is clear and tranquil this morning, punctuated only by … Read more

How to Make Sure Your “Budget” Airline Ticket Really is a Deal

 Airline tickets on low-cost carriers can be extremely cheap at first glance. But that’s before the addition of a cauldron of hidden expenses that can ensnare the unsuspecting traveler. Paying for your flight, for example, should not be an “optional extra”. The good news is that you can avoid these add-ons. With a little … Read more