Time (Zone) Travel: All Thanks to Longitude

‘Dinner at 7?’ asks my colleague. Beneath us, the Superfast Ferry eases into the Ionian Sea from its Mediterranean berth. ‘Greek time or Italian?’ I query. ‘Or are you being insufferably obdurate, and remaining on UK time?’ I wonder if it is only British people who choose not to adjust their watches when travelling. London … Read more

5 Reasons To Add the Shetland Islands to Your Europe Itinerary

At Sixty degrees North, they are literally the UK’s “Top” islands. The Shetland Islands aren’t just ponies and Fair Isle sweaters. Shetland is a magical, ice-carved archipelago thriving in the North Atlantic, with a unique history and culture. And with its northerly latitude, Shetland can enjoy up to nineteen hours of sunshine in midsummer. The … Read more

AC/DC – Crazy Sandra Returns..

“Crazy” Sandra, the avid heavy metal fan, turned up again last night – this time with her partner, Uwe, in tow. We’re off to a steak restaurant – Namibian, as you may have guessed, likes a steak or three – and a “spaznav” device is produced to find it. I ought to just mention here … Read more

Speed cameras are dangerous..

Speed cameras in Germany are lethal. I suppose they are called “safety cameras” nowadays, which, frankly, is a misnomer. Ostensibly to save lives, the orange flash frightened the living daylights out of me; there was a violent swerve and spilt tea. Could I sue the German government? After all, emasculation from scalding tea is not … Read more

Scotland’s Scone Palace: A Wealth of Regal History

How difficult can it be to locate a water nymph in a fountain? Between myriad copper and green beech trees – 2000 to be specific, all maddeningly grown to thwart human progress – it is proving trickier than I’d thought. Welcome to Scone Palace’s unique tartan maze. Escaping from 800 meters (2600 feet) of hedged, … Read more

On Safari . . . In The North Atlantic?

Nobody spoke. At 80 degrees North, the 25-year-old hull creaked in the ice. Camera shutters whirred while expedition staff and passengers stared spellbound. A gargantuan male polar bear stood, flat-footed, only a few feet beneath us on the Norwegian pack ice. Had I leaned just a little further over the ship’s rail, we could have … Read more