Busty Teen Ploughed on Couch..

Writing an attention-grabbing headline is one thing; designing a website is quite another. The latter requires more skill, dedication and patience than you can possibly imagine. Yes,  my IT man’s doing it. Eschewing the wanton women that line Amsterdam’s canals, we’re spending five hours incarcerated in a Novotel hotel room, staring at a screen. ‘HTML? … Read moreBusty Teen Ploughed on Couch..

Teutonic Maidens in Gelsenkirchen

Namibian shoots out of his truck this morning, like a gnu successfully evading a lion only to drop dead from exhaustion. Despite drowning his meals in salt, he still gets leg cramps, resulting in rapid, athletic movements… …followed by stertorous breathing and dejected collapses. My doubling up guffawing does little to improve his mood. Though … Read moreTeutonic Maidens in Gelsenkirchen