Antarctica Prize Draw.. ought to be renamed. Unfortunately, the whole competition seems to be less about blogging than marketing – it’s simply about votes. In fact, it may just as well be called for all it has to do with reporting on events. So I’ve joined the capitalist scramble to the summit, and created a website. … Read more

Big Don’s Guest Blog..

My dear friend Barnaby asked me to write a little entry on this blog about three months ago, I think. So here I am, finally….. I actually wrote the material for this months ago, but I’m very lazy and would make a terrible office worker. Whilst planning this short expose, my first thoughts were which … Read more

A World Without Traffic..

As one progresses through life, one notices draughts. ‘I wake up with a stiff neck…and that’s all,’ says “Wrecker Jon”, edging ever closer to his forties. With routine resignation, we’re off to the continent once again: one sleeping while the other drives, crossing the channel using the port of Dover. There is a part of … Read more

I’ll make you a deal..

I’m a wally sometimes, you know. Having embarked on another project for which I need votes, it has only just occurred to me to use the blog to advertise. Honestly, anyone would think it was I that was dropped on my head as a child, not Crazy Sandra.   Speaking of which, she has written … Read more