AC/DC vs James Bond..

That, folks, is that. AC/DC play their last European show tonight, then they head off – apostrophes and all – to the US to continue the tour. Unfortunately for us, visa issues and red tape dictate that American drivers are used for that leg. It’s a shame; crew and drivers have worked harmoniously together for … Read more

AC/DC – Bus Poofs..

Ever wondered why the Brits rib the Irish? Well, it wasn’t that long ago that the M1 out of Dublin had speed limits in kilometres per hour and distance markers in miles. If that’s not daft, then I don’t know what is. They’ve rectified that now, but as Namibian and I passed the border town … Read more

AC/DC – Nowt as queer as folk..

AC/DC have now reached Punchestown Racecourse, Naas. Set amidst 450 acres of rolling Irish countryside – in the heart of County Kildare, Ireland’s thoroughbred county – it has been the home of Irish National Hunt Racing since 1827. I’m just enjoying the view when David – avid “petrolhead” that he is – frightens me with … Read more

Rock n Roll Bicycles…

I thought I’d write a little filler for the travel day to Naas, Ireland. And today’s theme, I’ve decided, is bicycles. Almost without exception, now, every driver on this AC/DC Tour has one; bicycles are pretty much essential on stadium tours – for whizzing over to Catering from our designated parking area, or for peddling … Read more

Chinese anyone?.. (My dad’s guest blog)

  (London – Ireland travel day on the AC/DC Tour) Photos by Barnaby Davies. Guest text from my tolerant father, Rodney: The sustainability of this planet is threatened by many factors. The Number One problem is that there are just too many human beings living on it.   The majority of those, in the West … Read more

AC/DC Play Wembley Stadium..

Let me introduce my neighbours: Tom and Dot. Dot is indispensable. She moves my post from the front door while I’m away, and she used to feed the cat before the Old Boiler stepped in. Dot is now down to light duties, and is rewarded accordingly. She still waters the outdoor plants but, vertically challenged, … Read more

Facebook and Fringe..

Exhausted, I can do little more than dribble in front of Facebook this morning. Yet it seems to be in Swedish, or possibly Finnish. Staring at the screen, utterly fogged, I’m on the verge of despair. Help! As if by magic, a British Airways stewardess rings me. A honeyed word, and she has fixed it. … Read more

AC/DC Play Amsterdam..

I took a few pictures of the AC/DC show in Amsterdam from “front of house” last night. The best “seat” in the Ajax stadium was a basket suspended from the rafters – rather like one of those window-cleaning cradles that dangle from skyscrapers. Clad in a full-body harness (nothing like a corset), I pranced gaily along … Read more

Lunch with a Dutch Girl..

Wow, the Pet Shop Boys are still performing; the Pandemonium tour is in full swing. With just one truck, Neil and Chris have got the equipment down to nine tons – ‘We’ll have to lose some of the crew; you’re a heavy lot,’ they say. This I glean from the tour programme. What I admire … Read more

No Sex Please, We’re British..

“Wrecker” Jon has very kindly offered to write a guest blog – to cover the travel day from Gothenburg to Amsterdam, a day on which there is little to report. The handwritten note, featured below, was left for me as we shared a cabin from Finland to Sweden the other night. It will be a … Read more