AC/DC Tour – Ancona to Lisbon..

Jon looks summery this morning, no? His ticket on the Superfast Ferry to Italy, costing an extra fifteen euros, is marked ‘Cargo Co Driver’. He is the Jeeves to my Wooster. ‘I virtually am cargo,’ he weeps plaintively, and we take a stroll around the poop deck to improve morale. Namibian emerges bleary-eyed, far from … Read more

AC/DC Tour – Patras to Ancona..

Finding a football stadium without a map is reasonably simple. A DAF garage on Thrakis Street, Patras, however, is quite another matter. Spaznavs and Autoroute 2007 are next to useless down here; one has to use “the force” instead. Or buy a map. Aha, but although a map is a sensible, well-founded notion in, say … Read more

AC/DC – Thessaloniki to Athens (28/5/09)..

A drop of champagne in the Da Vinci Restaurant is the way to start a day. Over an extravagant breakfast on the terrace, desperately trying to determine the age of a woman in a bikini, I consult my Lonely Planet Mediterranean Europe – it is one of the items I regard as essential when going … Read more

AC/DC – Serbia to Greece Part 2..

Remember we’ve just hit a bridge in Serbia? Well, not one to do things by halves, “Wrecker” Jon has punctured not one but two of my tyres, and startled a passenger (me). It is one of those moments where the inevitable looms, like a truck coming towards you full tilt. ‘Fuck,’ says Jon. I say … Read more

AC/DC Tour – Serbia to Greece Part 1..

We’re not using the most obvious route from Belgrade to Greece. Solely for any anoraks charting the Black Ice Tour‘s progress on a road map, allow me to elaborate. AC/DC’s trucks are heading south-east through Serbia, turning off at Nis on the E80 across to Bulgaria’s border. Ah, you think, why aren’t they traversing Macedonia … Read more

AC/DC Tour – Belgrade..

There is a dilapidated air about Belgrade. And AC/DC’s venue in this former capital of Yugoslavia – the Partizan Stadium – rather blends in nicely. It is, for want of a better description, a shit hole. Aside from a much needed general sprucing up, Namibian and I are unimpressed with washroom facilities. The toilets are … Read more

AC/DC Tour – Vienna to Belgrade..

Remember Jonboy from Coventry? Well, he’s my allotted double-driver tonight, and he’s naively expecting an easy night’s work. Yet within seconds of him taking the wheel, I nearly kill us both with a fire in the cab. Tea making, on tour, should be left to Namibians. ‘Chuck the stove out the window,’ yells Jon rather … Read more

AC/DC Tour – Wiener Prater..

The Ernst Happel football stadium, chosen venue for AC/DC’s gig tonight, is in a pleasant park known as Prater – an area declared free for public enjoyment in 1766. Since the 1890s, when the Giant Ferris Wheel went up, it became more and more an amusement park – the sort of place that I generally … Read more

AC/DC Tour – Hockenheim to Vienna..

Last night was one hell of a packed show. Wow! Approximately 90,000 people came to watch AC/DC at the Hockenheimring. And not only watch but camp – noisily, too, I might add. More than three hours after the show had finished, drunken revellers were still impeding traffic. Laboriously, we were funnelled into a single carriageway … Read more

AC/DC – Pedal to the Metal..

Next stop on the AC/DC tour is the Hockenheimring, a Grand-Prix circuit near Mannheim, Germany. Driving around the track – the Sachs Curve, to be specific – poses challenges in an eighteen-wheeler. The main hazard this morning, rather than cornering hard and tipping the truck on its side, seems to be avoiding forklifts. In the … Read more